9. John Young Wilkerson (77) was born on 19 Apr 1730 in St. Peters, New Kent, Virginia. He signed a will on 21 May 1799 in Abstract of a pohotocopy from Wilkes., Ga.office of the will book GG 1806-1808, Ga dept of archieves. He died in 1826 in Granville Co., NC.. Will dated May 21,1799 Grorgia

To my children, all my property: To son Francis Wilkinson, A negro named Glass: Samuel , a negro
named Rachel: To daughter Ann Harrison, a Negro Amy, To son Pleasant Wilkinson; a negro Will,
to son Bailey, a negro Silvey; to dau. Polly Wilkinson, a negro Sal,a horse, saddle and bridle, the same she now claims also a bed furniture and a cow and calf; also other gifts to each.Legacy to son Sherard, a negro boy named Ben also a mare,saddle and bridle the same he now claims. To son Jesse, a negro named Cerena also a young bay mare, saddle and bridle the same which he now claims. to son Nathaniel, a negro Paul and young bay horse colt, saddle and bridle which he now claims. sons: Bailey and John 68 dollars

Exrs: Hazelwood Wilkinson, Bailey wilkinson, Samuel Wilkinson.
Witness: Thomas Grant, and E. Keeling[decendants of John W 1730 & Judith Lee.FTW]

John Young Wilkerson and Margaret Dudley had the following children:

child+20 i. John Wilkerson.
child+21 ii. Frances Wilkinson.
child22 iii. Hazelwood Wilkerson(78) was born before 1755.
child+23 iv. David Wilkerson.
child+24 v. Francis Wilkerson.
child25 vi. Martha Wilkerson(79) was born about 1760.
child26 vii. Thomas Wilkerson(80) was born about 1762.
child27 viii. Samuel Wilkerson(81) was born about 1763.
child+28 ix. Anna Wilkerson.
child+29 x. Pleasant Wilkerson.
child30 xi. Polly Wilkerson(82) was born about 1770.
child31 xii. Sherwood Wilkerson(83) was born about 1775.
child32 xiii. Jesse Wilkerson(84) was born in 1780.
child33 xiv. Nathaniel Wilkerson(85) was born in 1788.
child34 xv. Bailey Wilkerson.