Descendants of Cornelius Noell Sr.

Cornelius Noell is the Progenitor of the Noell family in colonial America. He is also the second person that I have found, related to us, that is from Holland although his ancestry is French. All others so far are from England. Cornelius's Gr. Gr. granddaughter married Henry Brown who is the progenitor of the Brown clan in central Kentucky. I don't trace this family all the way to modern times only because if would be redundant and everyone after Rebecca Noel is already listed elsewhere.


The following is an excerpt from ANCIENT HISTORY OF THE DISTINGUISHED NOEL FAMILY By Hall of Names Marketing Inc., 1992.


Various peoples attached to Belgium or to Celtic Gaul, until the Roman Conquest in the first century B.C.E, occupied Normandy. The family name NOEL comes from that country.

The family name NOEL was found in Normandy, where they lived in Noailles. A descendant of the family was Robert Noel. Robert, who was a knight, accompanied William, Duke of Normandy, (William the Conqueror) during his Conquest of England in 1066. He thus received a lot of lands, such as those of Ellenhall, Wiverstone, Podmore and Milnese. Robert became Lord of Ellenhall, then Lord of Gainsborough, title that was granted him by King Henry I, king of England and Normandy.

Through the ages, most of the family names underwent changes in their orthography for different reasons. A father's son could write his name in a different manner from that of his father. A great number of these changes were a simple mistake made by a scribe, a priest or a census taker, when a person articulated his name. Some names gained or lost prefixes or suffixes through the centuries. Certain branches of a family to designate political or religious adhesions could adopt the different spellings. Therefore there exist many variations of the name of the NOEL family, such as Noell, Noelle, Noel, Noailles, Noe, Noue, de Noel, le Noel, but all from the same origin.

The family name NOEL was found again in Normandy, where that aristocratic family possessed huge properties. In the XVIth century the NOEL had settled in Antons, Brittany, and in Poitou. They then acquired lands in Lorraine where they were Lords in 1573, and north in St-Simon in Languedoc. They were elevated to the rank of Nobles of the Empire in 1806. Jean-Francois NOEL, lexicographer from St-Germaine-en-Laye, wrote a book called Grammaire francais in 1826. Among the numerous Nobles of this family at that time, we find the NOEL family from Normandy.

Among the settlers of North-America we find the name of NOEL: Francois Noel who arrived in Quebec in 1657 from Poitou, Pierre Noel who came to Quebec in 1758 from Antois, Noel Noel who arrived in Quebec in 1740 from Ile-de-France, Jean Noel who came to Quebec in 1649 from Saintonge, and Pierre Noel who arrived in Quebec in 1738 also from Saintonge.

Several members of this renowned family were important in the social, cultural, religious and political domains, in France as well as in New-France, such as Jean-Baptiste Noel, eminent politician during the French revolution, and Marie Rouget Noel, French poetess, born in 1883 and died in 1968.


Nowe Pieter Passchier was born about 1530 in Sedan Andennes, France. He married Jeanne Vintier (born about 1535 in Sedan Andennes, France) in 1570 in Sedan Andennes, France.  They were the parents of Peiter (Passchier) Nowe, who was born about 1573 in Sedan Andennes, France-Belgium -Leiden,Zuidholland, Netherlands.

Peiter (Passchier) Nowe married Stinjntje Jaspers (born about 1577 in Sedan Andennes, France-Belgium-Leiden, Zuidholland, Netherlands) September 1, 1596. Their children were:

Susanna (Nouwelsz) Nowe (married Jan Barentszn May 11, 1618)
Peiter (Nouwelsz) Nowe born about 1597
Jacob (Nouwelsz) Noell born about 1599 in Sedan Andennes, France-Belgium - Leiden, Zuidholland, Netherlands.

Jacob, using the patronymic naming system, took his father's given name Nowe (Noell) for his surname. Jacob (Nouwelsz) Noell married Tryntgen Cornelis (born about 1603 in Sedan Andennes, France-Belgium - Leiden, Zuidholland, Netherlands.) February 2, 1619/20 in Zuid, Leiden, Holland, Netherlands. Jacob died in Leiden, Holland. Their children were:

Cornelius Noell b: 11 APR 1622 in Leiden, Zuidholland, Netherlands
Death: 19 JUN 1622 in Leiden, Zuidholland, Netherlands

Cornelius Noell, Sr. b: 8 NOV 1623 in Zuid, Leiden S. Holland, Netherlands
Marriage:  Elizabeth Page 1635 in England
Death: About June 6, 1699 in Occupacia, Essex County, Virginia

Siburg Noell b: 8 AUG 1627

Boudewyn Noell b: 22 APR 1629

Jan (John) Noell b: 2 JAN 1630/31
Marriage: Lydia Perkins about 1658 in Va (born about 1635 in Henrico Co., VA)
Children: Mary Noell b: ABT. 1665 in Charles City Co., Va.---Old Rappahannock, VA.
Peter Noell b: ABT. 1634

Cornelius Noel was born November 8, 1623 in Leiden, South Holland and died June 06, 1699 in Essex County, Virginia. He came to Virginia from the Netherlands and married Elizabeth Page there in 1660. Cornelius Noell was the founder of the Noel name in America. He received land in America on September 25, 1665. He was transported to Virginia by Thomas Panell before September 26, 1668, when Panell obtained a patent for 646 acres of land in Rappahannock County on the south side of the river, about four miles from the waterside, adjoining Mrs. Beheathland Gilson.  He was naturalized April 27, 1686. At that time he was living on the Rappahannock River in Virginia.  He named his land "New Holland".

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