Descendants of Col. George W. Eskridge Sr.


                    Col. George Eskridge                                                Rebecca Eskridge

A while back my wife's father, Kenneth Wilkerson d 1995, asked me to take a look at all the genealogy information he had stored up over the years. It was all shoved into a large suitcase. When I opened it I couldn't believe what I saw. Tons and tons of documents in no particular order. They were sent to him from all over the country. In the bundles of documents and scrolled papers/outlines I found a large number related to the Blain family. Kenneth's wife was Ellen Blain. The documents in the suitcase traced the family to James Blain from Abbeville Sc. Working for the next 9 years I have traced it back even much further to Col. George W. Eskridge Sr., from Westmoreland Co., Va. George Eskridge played a pivotal roll in the early history of Colonial America. The following tells an outstanding story of the early days of our country that I know the Blain family can be proud of.

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Descendants of Col. George W. Eskridge Sr.Descendants of Col. George W. Eskridge Sr.
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